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About us

R-DEC Co., Ltd. was established in Tsukuba, Japan on June 1, 1988.

The origin of the company name is a fusion of the words "Research," "Development," "Equipment," and "Technology.” We are a company with a strong focus on R&D.

R-DEC is a specialized trading company for scientific instruments, with its core competence in ultra-high vacuum technology.

In cooperation with our group companies, AVC and ELC, we provide services ranging from development, design, and manufacturing to sales, maintenance, and after-sales service of our original vacuum products that we can offer to the world in the field of ultra-high vacuum technology. Recently, in collaboration with Fujikin, Inc. and group company AVC Co., Ltd., we developed a “Gas Extraction and Analyses System” for immediate extraction and measurements of volatiles in the sample brought back from the asteroid Ryugu, a national project of JAXA's Hayabusa 2, which has been highly evaluated.

In addition to selling products from more than 100 domestic manufacturers of vacuum-related equipment, we also import and sell overseas vacuum products as an agent for overseas manufacturers. More than 35 years since our establishment in 1988 in Tsukuba, where many government and university research institutes are concentrated, we have accumulated much experience in vacuum technology. We will continue to provide vacuum products and earn the trust of researchers, engineers, semiconductor manufacturers, and the semiconductor industry with a spirit of "never forgetting our humble beginnings."